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Óscar Santiago Saracho

Oscar Satiago Saracho

Organizing a live event means conquering with the present: the 'here and now', live. And after 25 years in the sector, we liken the past to a suitcase full of experience. A suitcase containing a selection of useful resources and optimal solutions to drive every project toward a successful conclusion. But time and tide wait for no man, and if thereís one thing that we are more obsessed with than staying one step ahead, itís the future. The future is a virtual space in time; a place where innovation and the latest advances in technology are the arrowhead and a magical moment with space for all

the stories we will imagine, tales that will set the speed of evolution in our society and our sector. Because today, yesterday, and a thousand years from now, Mankind will always feel the need to tell stories and know that they are heard, whether we are sitting around a fire or in a comfortable auditorium. And here at MacGuffin, thatís exactly what we know how to do best.

Founding Partner and
Director at MacGuffin